About Us

Company Letter

          Vendii, LLC was founded in 2011 to help serve the community by providing
healthy, organic foods and drinks to local schools and offices. We are committed to creating a healthier
environment for our children and all people in the community as well as an overall better
quality of life.
          We are a small company focused on providing the best
foods and drinks for you and your location. We work hard every day to be unparalleled
in quality AND service for all our locations.
           Our goals are the goals of everyone who cares about their local community:
happy families, healthy children and better food choices for everyone.
           As we say: Happii, Healthii, Vendii!

Best in health,

          Chris Miller
          Owner, Vendii, LLC

Mission Statement


“To provide the highest quality organic, healthy snacks and drinks for our customers in clean and freshly stocked machines in order to facilitate healthier eating habits. ”

Latest News

Watch for updates!
May 1st
We’re always looking for new locations, so let us know if you’re interested. We’d love to work with you!

Locations launching near you.
August 15th
Locations launching near you. We will have location updates when possible.